Correcting Names and Gender Markers

Nicholas J. Hite established The Hite Law Group in New Orleans, Louisiana and has been Principal there for 10 years. It is the only openly queer-run, queer-centered law firm in Louisiana. Nicholas has served over 1,000 clients across 13 parishes in Louisiana and continues to provide leading-edge legal services for LGBTQ+-identified clients, especially adult and child survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Instrumental in spearheading policy and practice changes for TGNC Louisianans making ID corrections more accessible, Nicholas is the sole TGNC-competent legal resource in Louisiana recognized by the Transgender Legal Services Network, Transgender Law Center, and Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. In 2022, Nicholas was recognized as one of the 40 Best LGBTQ+ Lawyers Under 40 by the national LGBTQ+ Bar Association.

Acknowledgments: Ranie Thompson, Director of Legal Services at CrescentCare Legal Services, assisted with developing the outline for this chapter.

Material in this chapter is current as of June 26, 2022.

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