10 Acronyms

Education law includes a wide variety of acronyms that can make practice in the area confusing for a novice. The most important acronyms used in this chart are:

AAC – Augmentative and Alternative Communication

ALJ – Administrative Law Judge

BESE – Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

BIP – Behavior Intervention Team

CMO – Charter Management Organization

CPI – Critical Point of Instruction

DAL – Division of Administrative Law

ED – Emotional Disturbance

ESY – Extended School Year

FAPE – Free Appropriate Public Education

FBA – Functional Behavioral Assessment

FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

IAES – Interim Alternative Educational Setting

IAP – Individualized Accommodations Plan

IEE – Independent Educational Evaluation

IEP – Individualized Education Program

LDE – Louisiana Department of Education

LDH – Louisiana Department of Health

LEA – Local Education Agency

LRE – Least Restrictive Environment

MDR – Manifestation Determination Review

OCR – Office for Civil Rights

ODR – Officially Designated Representative

OHI – Other Health Impairment

OSEP – Office of Special Education Programs

RTI – Response to Intervention

SAT – Student Assistance Team

SBLC – School Building Level Committee

SEA – State Education Agency

SER – Special Education Reporting

SLD – Specific Learning Disability

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